We all know how easily bored little ones get. The constant wails of ‘Mummy are we there yet?’ while poking their little sister with a plastic spaceship in a hot car, will bring even the most Zen parent to their knees. It’s enough to put you off the idea of a big African adventure.  

However, travelling with your family to Africa can be an incredible experience and we have a selection of fun adventures that will keep the littlies enthralled and busy.

Creating a Bank of Memories

Fun and educational at the same time…  

Safari guides make wonderful and exotic teachers and many of the camps offer ‘junior ranger courses’ tailored to suit kids of all ages. Each day they can go on bug walks around camp, learn how to track and survive in the bush, play baseball with elephant poo and hang out with a real Maasai warrior.

Creating a Bank of Memories2

It’s not just about the game drive…

Activities are kept fun and varied.  As well as going on game drives, kids can ride ponies alongside giraffe, head off on the back of a camel for the afternoon or even ride an African elephant.  

Creating a Bank of Memories3

Siesta time…  or not!

Most of the camps have a plethora of child friendly staff to give parents a bit of down time and allow you to have an afternoon siesta should you wish. Kids can get involved in preparing a bush tea with the staff in the kitchen, or head to the pool for some afternoon splashing.  There is always something going on for those that are feeling a bit restless. 

Creating a Bank of Memories4

Sleep soundly at night…

Evenings in the bush are a great time to be gathered around a campfire where kids can learn about the stars, while toasting marshmallows. Many of the places we recommend have family friendly accommodation where you can all be under one roof and keep an eye on the kids so everyone sleeps soundly at night.

Creating a Bank of Memories5

Bush and Beach

We like to keep things interesting, so after all the excitement of a safari we usually suggest a week of downtime by the coast for the family and it’s a lovely way to end off your trip and ensure everyone comes home with a tan.

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