I love being in the bush with my daughter. I adore how she is thrilled by the smallest and the biggest things: a sparkling spider web; a roly-poly dung beetle pushing its ball of poop around; the size and silence of a huge African elephant.

Her new world has opened a whole new one for me. Her enchantment has reset my travel button and motivated me to get out of the safari vehicle and more involved with what’s on the ground, in the trees, under the water. Why just sit when you can kayak, walk, row, swing!

This is why I love this blog by 10-year-old Fynn Carey (with some input from mum Annabelle) of one of our favorite family friendly camps in Africa – Laikipia Wilderness Camp in Kenya. 

Hopefully this will inspire you with the kind of experiences we can weave into your family safari.

Enjoy the ride with Fynn!

Why we love families at Laikipia Wilderness

by Fynn Carey, 10, and his Mum

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I love it when we have kids to stay on safari. There are so many fun things to do in the bush and its boring doing them on your own! So when we have guests to stay with kids they get really excited. There are lots of animals like lions and elephants but they mostly get excited to do fun stuff like looking for scorpions with our special scorpion torch. It makes them glow in the dark at night. We always have to have grown ups with us and you have to be really careful so we are not allowed to pick up stones ourselves in case you get stung. My dad got stung once and went crazy it was so sore. We had to stick his hand in an ice-bucket and feed him whisky and a lot of pills! So we are extra careful! 

We have this really cool rope swing down on the river and we take people there to swing into the river. Joseph climbed up the highest tree with the rope to hang it on a branch. It is so high! But he is used to it as he is a Samburu honey collector. When he sees bees he goes mad! Then he follows them to their hive and gets the honey out. He doesn’t even mind getting stung. I have my own bee hives now but I have a bee suit and we bought one for Santeria who is the guy who helps me. He smokes the bees out with burning grass and sticks. 

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Fly-camping is really fun. So we go out into the bush, the best place is this valley where there a lot of owls and leopards. The campsite is a bit open, and underneath it is a small dry river and thick bush full of animals. We cook beef fillet on the fire (sometimes I tell people it’s a puff-adder as it looks like a fat snake!) and then we sleep on bedrolls around the fire. You have to have a rifle with you in case something comes close in the night and we park the car next to us and put chairs around us to make a barrier. We take our dogs with us and they sleep on the bedrolls. Some people sleep in see through tents, you can see the stars through them. Its really exciting but its pretty safe. You hear hyenas and lions at night, and sometimes a buffalo making a grunting noise. That is an alarm call, like when they have seen something like a lion or a leopard.

If you are lucky you might see a snake on safari. If it’s a harmless snake like a spotted bush snake or a striped sand snake, we can catch it and you can touch it. If you are really brave you can hold it. If you move fast you scare them, so its best to move slowly. 

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We go rafting in the river when it has rained and its high enough. Sometimes you go past animals but we always get out before you reach a hippo pool. You can also go tubing in the river. Sometimes Boris comes in the raft with us! He is huge, he weighs 40 kg. He loves going down rapids! 


This is my house. Its made of chicken wire and mud and has a tin roof. Its really noisy when it rains. We have funny pets at the camp like the vulturine guinea fowls. They got so tame they would come in the house and watch TV or in the kitchen and drive Godfrey mad (the cook). They went wild when they met a wild flock and made friends with them slowly. 


I love wild dogs. They aren’t scary and you can get really close to them. Recently a lot of them died as they got a disease called canine distemper but some packs have been seen around not far from us and they like our area because of the thick bush. It’s the best place to hunt dik-diks so we think a new pack will form and come and live in our area again soon. Once one of them sniffed my foot. Their puppies are so cute. 

This is our pet owl. He was a greyish eagle owl and his nest got raided and we found him in a dry river bed. He was really tame and used to sit in people’s bathrooms and sometimes they were a bit embarrassed to go to the loo! One lady complained that her sister had an owl in her bathroom and she didn’t and it wasn’t fair! He used to jump on the computer and delete everything and play with the keys! He slowly went back to the wild and stopped flying home for food and started catching his own prey slowly until one day he was gone. So its sad when they leave but you are happy that they have gone back to the wild successfully. 

Fishing is really fun and we go fishing with lots of kids who come and stay at the camp. Sometimes you catch tilapia which are really tasty but mostly catfish. We do lots of fishing in Meru too, and you can catch a lot of tilapia but there are crocodiles there so you have to be careful where you are stand. 


We have family tents so kids can share with their parents. Their parents go in the double tent and then there is a smaller tent attached to the side of that tent with two beds in it. A third bed can be put in the double tent for families with three kids. They all share one bathroom. The bathrooms are pretty big. You can swing a leopard in them. Our owl used to sit on the bathroom walls and watch people in the bathroom. He even got in the shower with one of the guests and showered next to her, that was so funny.
We have early dinner for younger kids in the car. So when the guests go for an evening game drive, they can take sundowners and a takeaway kids supper in Tupperware boxes like chicken strips and chips and raw vegetables. Or sausages and rolls and vegetables. Or pasta, whatever they like really. Then if the small kids fall asleep in the car on the way home they can be carried straight to bed. We also have people who can stay near their tents whilst the grown ups are having dinner so if they wake up they can call their parents. But normally they sleep really well as we are so busy during the day and there is so much to do! 

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